Список изменений

September, 14

New New filtering option by label when appling pre-translation.

September, 13

New Android SDK 1.8.0

New Ability to pre-train the LLM model (AI Assistant) with your translation assets, such as TM and glossary. Learn more >

September, 12

New Possibility to save an empty translation.

September, 11

New GH Action v1.13.0

New PHP API Client 1.11.0

September, 07

New AI Assistant works better with TMs and Glossaries.

September, 06

New CLI 3.14.0

September, 02

New Java API Client 1.11.0, 1.11.1

September, 01

New Ability to segment or use custom segmentation rules for CSV and XLSX files when imported as key-value files.

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