Список изменений

July, 26

Crowdin Enterprise ? We are excited to announce GraphQL API. With its help, you can retrieve exactly the data you need using more specific and flexible queries. See how our GraphQL API helps support the creation of new, powerful apps and custom integrations.

July, 20

New New app: Bohemicus. With this translator’s tool, you can use dictation, machine translation, your translation memory, and termbases in Crowdin.

July, 18

Improved Grid view in the Crowdin Editor. In the editor's multilingual mode, you can make the interface more similar to Excel, allowing more information to be displayed simultaneously. Also, languages are displayed in columns.

New New app: Appsmith. With the help of this open-source tool, you can create, deploy, and manage micro apps with little or no coding. You can develop Crowdin apps that would become Editor plugins, custom dashboards, and admin panels.

July, 15

New Figma plugin Version 40

July, 13

Improved Now, you can choose the language not only for one message but for all the messages within a single chat in the Crowdin Translation Companion.

New .NET API Client 2.8.0

New New app: Hygraph. Crowdin connector for Hygraph.

July, 12

New JS API Client 1.19.0

New iOS SDK 1.4.3

July, 11

New New app: TM Segmentation & Alignment. Segment and align your translation memories to maximize savings and performance.

New JS Proxy (website translation) app update: Now you can choose your link structure, and where to place the language code in your website link. More in our recent article.

July, 08

New CLI 3.7.9

July, 07

Improved Import data in the glossaries you are translating automatically. In the Glossary Translate App, if the selected glossary is replenished in the project file, you can enable auto-import once a day (at the selected time), and the file’s data of this project will be automatically imported into your organization’s glossary.

New PHP API Client 1.7.2

New Add and configure bundles for exporting sets of strings in one of the selected formats. Learn more about bundles.

July, 06

New Web XML preview improvements

New Now you can edit i18next JSON strings online. Full list of file formats you can edit online.

July, 04

New Contentful app update: Go to the app settings and select tags to include/ignore if needed.

Crowdin Enterprise Install Crowdin Translation Companion plugin and translate chats, tickets and customers emails from: Freshdesk, Help Scout, HubSpot, Intercom, Kustomer, Zendesk, Zoho Desk.

July, 01

New Xamarin.Forms SDK documentation

New .NET API Client 2.7.0, 2.7.1

New Figma Plugin version 39

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