Список изменений

December, 30

New ? Sketch plugin 2.3.0. You can now confire the branch and notice some perfomance improvements.

December, 28

New ? Sketch Plugin 2.2.0. What’s new: search string by identifier, use content segmentation in the Page translation mode to enable/disable segmentation of imported files, create strings in XLIFF files, string details.

December, 24

Improved Bettex UI/UX for screenshot preview from Editor.

December, 23

Improved API: The Strings list method now returns the 'branchId'.

December, 22

New Add/edit/remove terms from a Glossary of your choice while working in the Editor with the Glossary Edit app.

December, 21

New Added English > Greek language pair to Crowdin NMT.

New CLI 3.5.1. What’s new: exclude target languages a file shouldn’t be translated into, ignore hidden files when uploading sources.

New CLI 3.5.1 has been released

December, 18

New View language activity for the language you’re currently translating in the Editor. Open the left-hand menu > Project > select the language activity and view it in a new tab.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved View hidden files on the language page. To view a list of all files translated into a specific language, open Project Home > click on the language you need > select whether to display hidden files or not.

December, 17

Crowdin Enterprise Remove users listed in the User management tab in your Workspace. Before, you could block users to revoke their access to any projects. From now on, you can also delete their accounts.

Improved UI/UX improvements for Quick Translation Order and Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) apps.

December, 16

New Decide whether to reset the task progress when you edit it. The Reset task scope and progress option is enabled by default to recalculate progress if you added/removed files or if the files are the same, but their content was updated.

New When installing an app you’ll see locations (modules), where they will be displayed. To view all the available apps visit Crowdin Store.

New New app: you can connect your Crowdin project with Appetize to provide translators with more context. You will be able to display your virtual Android or iOS app in the Editor, so translators can see exactly what they are translating and thus deliver relevant translations.

December, 15

New Consistent terminology QA check is now available for Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, and Turkish languages. Enable it to check whether the source words are translated accordingly to the respective glossary terms.

December, 14

Improved We’ll notify you if you’re offline.

Improved Uploading translations to hidden strings is possible via UI and using API.

December, 11

Improved In the Task API you can now filter strings by label. This way you can create tasks including only strings with a certain label.

Crowdin Enterprise Fixed You can enable or disable auto-substitution on the Pre-translate workflow step. Select between the following options: use the project settings/on/off.

New Beta: Crowdin OTA JavaScript client. You can work with Crowdin’s over-the-air delivery feature in your JS environment.

Improved UI/UX improvements for the Source editor and Badges & Status Images apps.

December, 08

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Search tasks on the organization level from the Tasks tab in your Workspace.

New CLI 3.5.0 has been released.

New Crowdin API client Java 1.3.1.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved When tagging screenshots, you can choose to display strings from several selected files.

Improved UI/UX improvements for the Unicode Table app.

December, 07

Improved The maximum length for a Glossary term is 512 symbols.

New ? Adobe XD plugin version 1.2.0. In the String mode you can:

  • Select multiple strings in your design and add them to Crowdin at once.
  • Edit and delete source strings from the list. Editing them in Adobe XD will edit them in the source file in Crowdin as well.
  • Configure the key naming pattern that will be applied to all the strings you add to Crowdin from Adobe XD. The string identifier will be generated automatically based on this pattern (you’ll be able to edit it if needed), so you don’t have to manually create it for each string you add.

  • New Android Studio Plugin 1.3.0. Language mapping support is added.

    New Add your company name and job title to your profile page, they will be displayed right below your profile image. Go to Account Settings > Profile > fill out the corresponding fields.

    Improved UI/UX improvements for the Duplicate Finder app.

    December, 04

    Improved Each app from Crowdin Store on crowdin.com now has its own page and URL. To view them click Resources at the top bar > Marketplace.

    Improved Limit target languages for specific files via API. You can exclude languages while adding a file or when editing it.

    December, 03

    Improved Watson Language Translator updated the list of supported languages, so now you can use this MT engine to translate Urdu as well.

    New Edit source strings in XLIFF files right in Crowdin. Open your project, go to Settings > Strings tab > click Edit next to the string you want to change.

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