Ознакомьтесь с похожими на вашу компаниями, которые добились успеха благодаря Crowdin

Joel Marcey
Developer Advocate, Facebook
“When we developed Docusaurus to make it easy to create great open source websites, localization was a primary support feature. Crowdin has made it easy for those websites to add translations, helping project owners provide a more global documentation reach. And the Crowdin support team is awesome!”
Zeke Sikelianos
Senior Engineer, GitHub
“When we evaluated localization options for the Electron project, Crowdin stood apart from the competition. It’s free for open source projects, it integrates well with GitHub, and has moderation controls for managing large translator communities. Crowdin’s support and engineering staff are also friendly and helpful.”
Jeremy Watson
Product Manager, GitLab
“Crowdin streamlined our translation process with a tight GitLab integration. By automatically presenting new strings to our community for translation, we’re able to save time and get our community engaged quickly. The integration also allows us to immediately present new translations in a new merge request when they get approved by our community proofreaders, helping us integrate new translations quickly. We’re big fans!”
Sandra Hiller
Head of Translations, iFixit
“It’s the best translation tool for us to localize our user interface with a global community of volunteers. Both volunteers and in-house proofreaders can interact on the same platform, ask questions and exchange opinions about the best possible translation. Crowdin also makes it very easy for new translators to join our project to empower people to fix their stuff and save money while keeping electronics out of landfills.”
Natalie Rothfels
Translations Project Coordinator, Khan Academy
История успеха
“Localization tool have enabled us to build strong partnerships with organizations around the world, leading to a dramatic increase in international awareness and product usage.”
Merit Burenkov
Localization Lead, Pipedrive
История успеха
“I was super impressed by the Crowdin in-context localization feature – I didn’t even know that something like this would be possible, when I first started looking for TMS solutions for our company; but once I’d seen it, I knew that it was something that I definitely had to have.”
Katrīna Āboltiņa
Translation and Localization Manager, Ask.fm
История успеха
“One of the main benefits that Crowdin provides is to be able to control translator input — not only believe that they have translated smth, but actually see it.”
Ryan Oldenburg
Co-founder and CEO, Pushbullet
История успеха
“Crowdin made it easy for us to simply share a link to our project to enable fans from around the world to help us get our app working great in their native language. Because it was so simple for them to help, they really have.”
Alexandra Nikolaeva
Localization Manager, Maxthon
История успеха
“Crowdin clients sounded the most convincing because many of them had started using Crowdin after they have already tried other platforms”
“Unlike other online tools, Crowdin had real potential for professional translators, not just hobbyists and volunteers”
Casey Garland
Senior Localization Specialist, Xactware
“With the help of their translation management tool and Crowdin’s extremely responsive and helpful support team, we at Xactware have been able to save countless hours in processing times. All of our language specialists and translation partners are thrilled to be using a product that centralizes communication. We love it!
Kal K. Sahota
VP Possibilities, HeroX
“We at HeroX value Crowdin for helping us handle translations quickly and effortlessly. We use Crowdin's API and our files are automatically synced and updated. Localization is one aspect of our business that does not require constant control. Thanks, Crowdin!”
Per Karlsson
Content Manager, Visma Spcs AB
“Ever since we at Visma started using Crowdin for our UI-text management, we have noticed that we save lots of time and enable our customers to gain benefit from new and updated functionality quicker and with better quality. We especially appreciate the In-context feature. We also appreciate the amazing support we get whenever needed. You guys are truly awesome!”
Simona Stančeková
QA Engineer, Avast
“When we were searching for new tool for our localization process, Crowdin was one of the candidates. Now, after months of using Crowdin, we can say it's a great choice! It has helped us to better connect with translators and to give them everything they need, including context, screenshots, and immediate answers to their questions. Additionally, the Crowdin support service is very professional and helpful. We're happy with Crowdin and can only recommend the tool!”
Massimo Ciociola
Founder and CEO, MusixMatch
“I love Crowdin, it has driven out translations for our applications quickly thanks to 600 passionate translators. Thank you for helping us translating MusiXmatch in 42 languages, you are awesome!”
Changpeng Zhao
Head of Development, Blockchain
“Thank you so much! Your platform looks awesome. I wish we had known this earlier. We will advertise the fact we are using your service whenever possible. We have a large fan base, and volunteers eager to contribute. Cheers!”
Patrick Mackaaij
Marketing, Worcade
“As soon as our developers update our app, Crowdin invites our translators to update their translations. They have everything they need at hand with Crowdin's user-friendly webinterface and their changes are collected automatically. Developers incorporate the new translations into our app with the click of a button. My efforts in managing the translations are limited to clarifying text to translate with a screenshot. Crowdin saves everybody a lot of time and hassle and offers superb support when you need it. That's coming from people working in the customer support industry”
Brandon Bloom
Engineer, Code.org
“When the Code.org team set out with the goal of exposing 10 million students to computer science during Computer Science Education Week, internationalization wasn't even on our radar. There was simply an impossible number of things to do and our small team was focused on the US. But once we saw the international response to our promotional efforts, we knew we needed to localize, and fast! Crowdin was the clear tool of choice and the Crowdin support team was instrumental in helping make CS Ed Week a global success, with 15 million participants from over 150 countries, and available in more than 20 languages.”
Stefan Lučić
Translation Manager, Chess.com
“With over 300 translators working on our projects, managing the translation is no easy task. Luckily, your platform has proved to be very helpful and I am very happy with the service. I'd also like to add that your customer support team is amazing — always sending quick and easy-to-follow instructions.”
Ada Lixue
Globalization Project Manager, Huawei
“The feeling of having friends come into a community is so great. Thanks given to Crowdin team for creating such a community and offering help when in need.”
Felix Bauer
VP of Engineering, 3YOURMIND
“After evaluating a lot of tools, we finally decided for crowdin because of the amazing in-context translation, which works well in our agile processes.”
Emanuel Moecklin
Chief Software Architect, Airfox
“Crowdin has helped our engineering and business team to quickly iterate on copy and translations. It’s easy to use, intuitive and very reliable. One of the key differentiators is the excellent customer support which makes the setup very fast and enjoyable.”
Yuriy Bregman
Head of Online Presence, Admiral Markets
“For a company like Admiral Markets, which 'speaks' to its customers in 19 languages, it is paramount to keep all the online resources localised. Crowdin provides awesome tools for automatisation, which help us not only to manage the translations in one unified and comfortable place, but also to automatically update our sites and apps. Initially, we started using Crowdin for website localisation purposes only; but now it's become the core localisation tool for almost all our systems.”
Carlos Garrido
Translation and Localization Specialist, Aptoide
“During the past year, Crowdin has been a corner stone for Aptoide's localization strategy. As an open source platform that keeps evolving and adapting to changing markets and audiences, we are dependent on a system that allows us to easily manage more than 30 languages and 40 translators on different projects. And Crowdin is exactly that platform with the most effective and quick Support Team you can imagine. Thanks for helping us bring the best apps worldwide!”
André Schmidt
Senior Software Engineer, Be My Eyes
“Volunteers are translating our app into numerous languages, making it accessible to even more people worldwide. Managing that amount of contributions as a small team can be a very time consuming task. Crowdin is our platform of choice, as it enables us to manage and distribute translations on a weekly basis in an effective manner using the easy to use integrations they provide. Additionally, Crowdin Support has been helpful answering both technical questions, as well as linguistic ones, with a short response time.”
Jahmai Lay
“Crowdin takes the stress out of localization. Thanks to the automation tools and the integration with translation vendors, getting new translations done is a breeze. Even in the last days of our sprint, we can just run a script to upload new strings, get the translations done over night, and download them with another script, all without having to worry about deciding up front what stories need translations and getting quotes and schedules sorted. Combine that with the translation memory and the easy to use UI's and I don't see why anyone would do it any other way.”
Johannes Aspeby
Studio Manager, Coffee Stain Studios
“After we started using Crowdin for our localization we've never felt the need to try something else. The ability to easily provide context, communicate with translators and let our fanbase help out has been very valuable for both us and our fans.”
Antoine Mottier
Technical Evangelist, Bonitasoft
“Crowdin help both Bonitasoft employees and community translators to collaborate in order to easily translate our application development solution. Every time I reach out to Crowdin support they were really helpful: provide several options and recommendations to solve issues, reach out to Crowdin development team if needed and always in a very timely manner!”
Rishi Lodhia
Managing Director, Eagle Eye Networks
“At Eagle Eye Networks we provide cloud-based video surveillance platforms that are built to scale. With a growing number of worldwide connections, local data centers on every continent, and continues feature updates - we need to deliver and maintain our products in a wide range of languages. Managing multiple languages while adding new features like analytics, new camera support, and white labels can be a tough challenge. Thanks to Crowdin we can deliver a global service for a local audience. The option to connect with translating services of our own choice, helped us find the best value for our money without the need to switch platforms.”
Vianney Briois
Digital Manager, Evaneos
“2 years ago, we decided at Evaneos to completely rethink our translation process and tools to tackle the internationalization challenge we were facing. Crowdin has been such a game changer in that, helping us scale our translation process, giving our translators a clean interface to work. After 2 years using Crowdin, we are very happy with it. It's now used on web and mobile application, internally, saving us a lot of time. We particularly love the in-context translation as it gives full context to translators to perfectly adapt wordings.”
Chris Kjær Sørensen
Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Gaest.com
“Gaest.com is a global marketplace available in multiple languages. Our agressive growth strategy forces us to be able to launch in new markets with new languages quickly. Crowdin has been a key feature in making this possible. With their amazing API, good documentation and great pricing model, we were able to scale to multiple languages without any problems. I won’t hesitate to recommend this to other developers looking for a localization tool.”
Kevin Zhu
Teacher Team, italki
“As an online language learning platform with students from over 100 countries, our translations need to be perfect. At italki we wanted a fast and easy way to work with our network of translators, and Crowdin was the best choice for us. Uploading copy, getting translations, and handling proofreading can all be done with just a few clicks. With Crowdin’s help, our site now operates in 19 languages, and represents us with the quality that our users expect.”
Gabriela Lefanowicz
Communications Specialist and Copywriting Team Leader, G2A.COM
“As the world’s largest digital gaming marketplace, we regularly translate content for our site into 15 languages. Crowdin has helped us to easily keep all translations in one place while connecting our copywriting, translating, UX and IT teams in one, all-inclusive and transparent service.”
Clayton Brown
Founder and CEO, Keycafe
“Keycafe works with guests traveling from all over the world and must present its entire product in many different languages. Crowdin has become a very valuable tool to easily localize our materials. We also are constantly improving our product and Crowdin makes it easy to ensure all languages are updated with the latest information.”
Manon Lumeau
Lead Technical Writer, Nuxeo
“Managing translations has never been so simple! Crowdin is so easy to use that we decided to manage all our translations through it. Based on different technologies, our Nuxeo Platform and applications are now translated in around 20 languages thanks to passionate translators. As soon as the translation is ready on Crowdin it’s directly synchronized with our products and I know that if needed I can quickly contact the Crowdin Support team.”
Nicolas Bossard
Orange Labs France, Orange
“After discovering Crowdin in an open source context, we have been using this Platform for translation of some Orange smartphone applications. The Platform saved the development team a lot of time compared with previous process. You can start with a very simple process, but the Platform allows you to progress to advanced usages easily. The stability of the platform is just perfect. The support team answers are always very high quality and within one or two hours. Thanks.”
Melvin Dichoso
Community Director, SplitmediaLabs
“Localization is a must for what we do and our experience with Crowdin has been nothing short of spectacular. We've been using it for quite some time now and everything has been seamless. It's intuitive to use even for beginners, has all the tools for our needs, and customer support is blazing fast. Highly highly recommended!”
Ilia Kukharev
ASO & Localization Expert, Aviasales
“In Aviasales we have three worldwide products: Jetradar (flights metasearch), Hotellook (hotels metasearch) and Travelpayouts (affiliate program) and all these apps are translated to 25+ languages. Crowdin helps us to keep all these translations in one place and push them directly to the app with GitHub integration. All freelance translators are doing their work fast because of tagged screenshots, so they don't have to ask for the context and do not spend much time to make corrections. Localization is one of the most valuable thing in app growth, and Crowdin helps us to maintain it.”
Carine Diaz
Translation Manager, Learning Equality
“Learning Equality has been using Crowdin as our localization platform from the very start. Due to the nature of our work, we have projects all over the world and varied language needs. The vision for our second-generation platform, Kolibri, is to have it available in as many languages as we can, so everyone can realize their right to a free and quality education, without needing the internet. Crowdin makes it easier for us to connect with people from all corners of the globe, build community, get feedback and the job done! And have we mentioned their support team is amazing? We heart you, Crowdin! We hope to continue growing together.”
James Allsup
Technical Advisor, OpenСart
“Crowdin provided the perfect solution for OpenCart when we needed to increase the number of language packs. Although our community is very diverse we had no single location where users could collaborate, the Crowdin platform was a perfect fit allowing us to still manage the languages how we needed. As an unexpected benefit, the quality of some language packs improved thanks to more of our users having an input to help decide the best translation. Thank you for the great product and support you have provided us!”
Steffen Schebesta
Founder & Managing Director, Newsletter2Go
“Crowdin helped us scale our translation processes providing an easy-to-use and fun online software. On top of that, the API makes our developers happy and the customer service is exceptional.”
Siim Teller
Head of Marketing, Wire
“Crowdin has been central to Wire’s growth for years now. It allowed us to quickly scale to tens of new languages added by fans/volunteers while keeping the workflow straightforward. And their support is phenomenal!”
Aleksandra Małecka
Localization Manager, Listonic
“One year. 45+ languages. 630 translators. Over 400.000 new users. Crowdin has been with us from the very start of our internationalization journey. Over the last year Listonic - Smart Shopping List has been translated into more than 45 languages by passionate volunteer translators. Thanks to the platform, we can keep in contact with them even after the translation has been done. We can't imagine working with any other translation platform. Thanks for everything, guys! :)”

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