Сделайте ваши продукты многоязычными и отставайте переводы гибкими

Доставьте продукт своим клиентам на их родном языке.

Улучшайте локализацию пользовательского интерфейса вашего продукта, веб-сайта, маркетинга и центра знаний с помощью Crowdin.

Запросить демо-версию
Контент (книги, документы, видео)

Соберите весь контент вместе

Еще никогда не было так просто добавлять тексты для перевода из приложения, сайта, игры, документов, блогов и тд. Забудьте о конвертации.

Мы поддерживаем свыше 50 форматов файлов, от json до csv и properties файлов. Загружайте файлы в оригинальном формате.


Use an agency or your own translators

Work exclusively with an agency you trust, find a vendor on Crowdin, or combine translations from different teams. Invite them all to your Crowdin project, give them access to specific languages, and receive simultaneous translations.

  • Возьмите своих переводчиков

  • Найдите поставщика переводов на рынке Crowdin

  • Пригласите свое сообщество перевести ваш проект

Strings Management

Edit text copy without coding

Search, add, and edit your product’s source strings in Crowdin.

Writers update source texts

No need to wait for developers to make the change. Add and edit the latest copy on your own.

View a list of file formats that support source editing.

Developers approve the merge request

Edit content in Crowdin push updates to your repo as a merge request. Developers simply approve it with no additional actions.

Designers use real content

Edit and create text copy using our design plugins for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. In addition to using translations in designs, create new texts that will appear in Crowdin.

Integrations and automation

Flexible workflow with integrated tools

Automate source content updates for translation. Receive translations, then make decisions about merging and publication.

  • Интеграции

    Integrate Crowdin with your repository, help desk, and other systems. Source content is always up to date for your translators, and previously-translated content is returned automatically.

  • API, CLI, SDKs, and Webhooks

    Customize your experience and automate localization to meet the specific needs of your workflow.


"When we evaluated localization options for the Electron project, Crowdin stood apart from the competition. It’s free for open source projects, it integrates well with GitHub, and has moderation controls for managing large translator communities. Crowdin’s support and engineering staff are also friendly and helpful."

Optimization and monitoring

View progress in real time and get detailed reports

Productivity for translators

Онлайн-редактор переводов

With Crowdin, translators and proofreaders become more efficient and provide better translations. They can collaborate online with other translators and managers or work independently offline, accessing the translation editor from any location or device and getting access to cutting-edge tools.

"It’s the best translation tool for us to localize our user interface with a global community of volunteers. Both volunteers and in-house proofreaders can interact on the same platform, ask questions and exchange opinions about the best possible translation. Crowdin also makes it very easy for new translators to join our project to empower people to fix their stuff and save money while keeping electronics out of landfills."

Technology and resources

Save time by using the latest technology and providing context

Reliability and security

Keep your data secure

We respect your privacy and offer protection for your projects, files, and translations with Crowdin's security features.

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Two-factor authentication

  • EU GDPR compliant

  • OAuth2-OpenID Connect

  • Private projects, access permissions, and user roles

Technical Support

We're there to guide you whenever you need us

Our team is ready to help via chat, email, or phone. If you have questions, we're always just a few clicks away.

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